Web Services

Web Design and Application Development

Hunter Mill Studio emphasizes simple, clean web designs that facilitate better user experiences – and better results for your business.

Easy-to-understand navigation, concise copy, and a focus on specific calls-to-action ensure that your customers find exactly what they need right away.

We also offer custom application development and integration to make your website a seamless extension of your business.

Own Your Web Site

Most of our clients want to manage the day-to-day operations of their websites themselves. We'll provide the tools you need to manage your content, catalogs, online sales, and reporting in a non-technical online environment.

Our goal is to help you become your own webmaster (but we're always here to help).

Marketing Services

Is Your Website a Field of Dreams?

“If You Build It, They Will Come...”

That's the attitude most small firms seem to have towards websites.

But do your customers and prospects know you have a website? And have you told them why they should visit it?

If you haven't adequately addressed these questions, you're bound to be disappointed with your results.

Comprehensive Marketing Services

From simple email announcements to coordinated multimedia marketing programs, Hunter Mill Studio tailors its services to the specific needs of your business.

And we'll handle printing, mailing and media buying without marking up the cost of those services – so you only pay for the time we spend working on your account.

About the Company

Our Experience is the Difference

About Hunter Mill Studio

Conceived in 1992, Hunter Mill Studio is a "virtual agency" that relies on a pool of experienced web design, programming and marketing professionals operating as independent freelancers. As a result, a single project manager can create small, efficient work groups suited to your specific requirements.

And we never mark up the prices of services and products purchased on behalf of our clients, so you can rely on Hunter Mill Studio to help manage vendors without compromising on price.

We've served a variety of markets and industries, including:

  • Online Merchants
  • Recruiting/Human Resources
  • Sales Training/Consulting
  • Finance
  • Manufacturing
  • Non-Profits, Political Organizations

Hunter Mill Studio offers a breadth and depth of experience that you won't find with just any small firm. So please take the next step:

About Dave Murchie

Headshot of David Murchie Hunter Mill Studio founder Dave Murchie has over 25 years of experience in technology and marketing – and understands that neither gets the job done by itself.

A former IT executive, Murchie has been directly responsible for global B2B and B2C web sites, including interface design, day-to-day operations and overall technology strategy.

In previous management and production roles with advertising and creative agencies, Murchie wore many hats including graphic artist, copywriter, marketing program manager, and production coordinator.

Murchie holds a BA from Pace University, and is an occasional contributor of original crossword puzzles to various national publications.

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